What is the best NFL betting strategy?

What is the best NFL betting strategy?

Right, now that that’s out the way, I’ll tell you this. Are there sports bettors that consistently win? Sure, I’m one of them. But it is NEVER based on some kind of bogus get rich quick scheme or system. It’s based on hundreds of hours of hard work and research.

So by all means bet, but treat it as a way of having fun. Never pick up some tipsters picks off the internet, they are absolutely no more likely to be any better than your gut instinct. If they were, they’d never share their picks. Ever. Ever ever!

If you want a good way of visualising why it’s so hard, use a website like The Sport Pick which I recommend to anyone asking for strategy. It’s a play money only betting site that people use to

  1. Compete against friends in sports betting leagues.
  2. Develop their own thoughts on betting and track how much they’d have won or lost if betting in real life.
  3. Play in one of their mega pick’em contests to win without risking real money.